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Speedminton® Super 8 Player Set

Speedminton® Super 8 Player Set
Product.Nr.: SM01-800

weight: 4,50 KG

Available, enough stock

Available, enough stock

Speedminton® Super 8 Player Set – A fun group activity that everyone will enjoy!

The light-weighted rackets, which consist of durable aluminum, are easy to handle. The FUN Speeder™ allows beginners to play successfully and enjoy the game right from the start. The MATCH Speeder™ is the official tournament Speeder™ and is used by more advanced players. The 32 Cones allow you to set up courts according to your preferences and needs. The complete set comes in a 75 x 35 cm Speedminton® Sports Bag.

8 Speedminton® School rackets (4 red and 4 blue ones)
24 Speeder™ Big Pack (12 MATCH and 12 FUN Speeder™4)
32 Speedminton® Cones
1 Sports Bag
1 Speedminton® Guide
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